A brief overview of the analog hardware I’m using at any given time.

Pencil Box

  • General’s Pacific, Goddess, and Cedar Pointe
  • Blackwing Vols 344, 16.2, and 10001
  • Moon Try-Rex B-46-2
  • FaberCastell American #2 — my last dozen from the 80s. (But my true favorites were the #2.5, of which I have only two left.)

Cap & Knock

  • PaperMate ComfortMate Ultra 1.0M (black)
  • Bic Cristal & Atlantis (black)
  • Field Notes branded Bic clic pen (black)
  • Zebra Sarasa 0.7 (black or navy)

Paper Chase

  • EDC: Field Notes (currently: “Mile Marker” Arrow)
  • journal: Moleskine (hardcover lined)
  • ongoing poetry: Moleskine Cahier & Field Notes “End Paper”
  • logbook: Rhodia graph (14,8x21cm)
  • desk notes: Wexford Stenopad & Ampad Gold Fiber pad

Platen & Burr; Steel & Wood; Portage