A list of some of the things that have been holding my attention recently.

Inspired somewhat by the “Now page” movement, but much more so by William Schuth’srecently” variation. After all, we can’t really step into the same stream even once, can we.

Updated every few weeks. Sometimes. (2020-01-20)

Reading (a partial tally of what’s by my chair or in my bag)

~ nonfiction ~

  • Bill Holm, The Music of Failure
  • Elizabeth Hardwick, Collected Essays
  • James C Scott, Seeing Like a State
  • Aldo Leopold, A Sand County Almanac
  • Thoreau, The Journal (ongoing)

~ poetry ~

  • Claire Wahmanholm, Redmouth
  • H.D., Trilogy
  • AR Ammons, Sumerian Vistas

~ fiction ~

  • Anna Kavan, Ice
  • Ann Quin, Berg
  • Alasdair Gray, Lanark
  • Uwe Johnson, Anniversaries


  • Way too much Beefheart
  • Not enough Miles Davis
  • Until the End of the World (soundtrack)


  • Until the End of the World
  • Slings & Arrows (zillionth rewatch; it’s funny cuz it’s true)
  • Murdoch Mysteries (finally getting around to Season 12)
  • The West Wing (zillionth rewatch; slowly, from the top; currently toward the end of Season 1)
  • The Good Life (aka Good Neighbors) (zillionth rewatch)


  • Working on my loose “version” of the Daodejing
  • Refreshing myself on some time-management strategies for several students I’m coaching
  • Relearning the words to lots of old songs I wrote 25–30 years ago