A list of some of the things that have been holding my attention recently.

Inspired somewhat by Derek Sivers’Now page” movement, but much more so by William Schuth’srecently” variation. After all, we can’t really step into the same stream even once.

Updated every few weeks. Sometimes. (2019-12-08)

Reading (a partial tally of what’s by my chair or in my bag)

  • Keith Thomas, Religion and the Decline of Magic
  • James C Scott, Seeing Like a State
  • Claire Wahmanholm, Wilder (reread)
  • Brenda Hillman, Pieces of Air in the Epic


  • Solex, Pick Up and Solex vs the Hitmeister
  • Amon Tobin, Bricolage
  • The Necks, Sex and Open and Drive By
  • Hitchcock/Partridge, Planet England
  • Richard Thompson, 13 Rivers
  • Elvis Costello, Look Now, The Delivery Man, and Momofuku
  • Radiohead, MINIDISCS [HACKED]
  • MPR classical and Jazz 88 in the car


  • Slings & Arrows (zillionth rewatch; it’s funny cuz it’s true)
  • Murdoch Mysteries (finally getting around to Season 12)
  • The West Wing (zillionth rewatch, from the top; currently in the middle of Season 1)
  • The Closer (rewatch)
  • Men with Brooms
  • A Little Chaos


  • Waiting breathlessly for my DVD of Until the End of the World to arrive
  • Refreshing myself on some time-management strategies for several students I’m coaching
  • Relearning the words to lots of old songs I wrote 25–30 years ago