A list of things that have been holding my attention.

Inspired somewhat by Derek Sivers’Now page” movement, but much more so by William Schuth’srecently” variation. After all, we can’t really step into the same stream even once.

Updated every few weeks. Sometimes. (2019-08-18)

Reading (a partial accounting)

  • Norman F Cantor, Inventing the Middle Ages
  • Jenny Odell, How to Do Nothing
  • James C Scott, Seeing Like a State
  • Thoreau, The Journal
  • (for the poetry I’ve been reading, see this)


  • Lots of Wilco
  • Gabriel-era Genesis (for the first time in decades!)
  • Thompson, 13 Rivers
  • Lots of Elvis Costello, especially Look Now, The Delivery Man, and Momofuku
  • Los Lobos, Colossal Head
  • Houndog, Houndog
  • Radiohead, MINIDISCS [HACKED]
  • Soweto Never Sleeps
  • Alpha & Omega, The Half That’s Never Been Told
  • Hitchcock, Robyn Hitchcock
  • Waits, Franks Wild Years
  • JS Ondara (various videos on Youtube until I pick up his album)
  • MPR classical and Jazz 88 in the car


  • Mindhunter
  • The Closer
  • Fleabag


  • Refamiliarizing myself with html and css; rebuilding all my websites by hand
  • Relearning the words to lots of old songs I wrote 25–30 years ago
  • Trying to finish reading two books of poetry each week
  • Reviewing Jung’s alchemical writings (and I promise I’ll start thinking out loud soon about the years I’ve spent reading them)