By Way of Introduction

This is an attempt to catalogue all proper names that occur in the lyrics of Robyn Hitchcock songs, from his time in the Soft Boys down to the present. When my own ears have failed me, or when I’ve been unable to review the song myself (because, believe it or not, I don’t actually own every one of his albums), I have turned to various online lyric websites. This means there are certainly transcription errors, wild conjectures, and outright omissions. As of this initial release (August 2019), I have not included any of Robyn’s liner-note stories, or the spoken interludes of Storefront Hitchcock.

The formatting is pretty straightforward:

  • NameSong (Album).

Occasionally, you will see parentheses, like this:

  • Kimberley (Rew)Linctus House (Eye).

This means that only part of the name was mentioned in the lyric (in this case, “Kimberley” but not “Rew”).

The names of people who are, in one way or another, real will link to some sort of online profile, such as their official website, if any, or maybe a Wikipedia page. This too is a work in progress, since I can’t be confident that I’ve caught every reference.

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