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This is an old-school blog and commonplace book. You’ll also find occasional dispatches regarding what books I’ve finished recently and miscellaneous posts dredged from several old and otherwise mothballed blogs dating from the mid aughts, collected here at my own domain and under my own name.

And, beginning in October 2020, a new series of poems that originally appeared on a poetry blog a long time ago, when I was someone else.

I’m also part of the Poetry Blogging Network, which means I try to chunter on about poetry with some regularity.

Poetry Blogging Network

“A Foolish Consistency” is, of course, a reference to a passage by Emerson, which is just a little ironic, since I’ve always been much more of a Thoreau guy. (Emerson has always struck me as sort of the Salinger — or Vonnegut, or Hesse, u.s.w. — of the Transcendentalists: read him when you’re a teenager and he’ll blow your mind; read him in middle age and meh. I read Emerson in middle age, so draw your own conclusions. Still, that hobgoblins quote is fun, innit.)

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Email me, if you are so moved, at hello at letterspace.org.

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I suppose you want all that David Copperfield crap, too? See my About page for too many unnecessary details.

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