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This side of the site (that is, the afc subdomain) is an old-school blog and commonplace book. It’s also a warehouse for miscellaneous and needlessly prolix bloviations from the deep past, dredged from several old and otherwise mothballed blogs dating from roughly 2003 to around 2006 or 2007.

“A Foolish Consistency” is, of course, a reference to a passage by Emerson, which is just a little ironic, since I’ve always been much more of a Thoreau guy. (Emerson is sort of the Salinger — or Vonnegut, or Hesse, u.s.w. — of the Transcendentalists: read him when you’re a teenager, and he’ll blow your mind; read him in middle-age, and meh. I read Emerson in middle age, so draw your own conclusions. Still, that hobgoblins quote is fun, innit.)

AFC is powered by the delightful Blot, which is just a collection of folders and files in your Dropbox account (or Github if that’s your bag). So you can manage your blog simply by using any text editor of your choosing. In my case, that’s Byword on my Mac and 1Writer on my iOS devices. The template is a very lightly modified version of the Default.

My microblog can be found next door at (fleeting). Due to the timeline aspect of the Micro.blog community, (fleeting) is slightly more social and, well, fleeting. But its concerns are similar to this space and therefore somewhat redundant. But redundant is good. Really.

Email me, if you are so moved, at hello at letterspace.org.

And you can buy me a coffee here, if you happen to find some loose change in the sofa cushions.

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I suppose you want all that David Copperfield crap, too? See my About page for too many unnecessary details.

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Here’s a running list of the tags here at AFC, in no particular order, and with only the looselest organization. Not every post is tagged (yet), but if it has a tag, it’s probably one of these: