2021-10-31 10:30

“It was 20 Years Ago Today…”

My first Nanowrimo was twenty years ago, 2001. I stumbled onto it a few days into it, maybe the 4th or 5th, by way of a post on someone’s long-lost blog. I jumped right in with no forethought, blind to plot or progression. I crashed and burned a few weeks later when I was knocked out by a bad flu. But I managed thirty-five thousand words in a bit over two weeks. Not bad.

It was a comfort during those dangerously stupid first months of the stupidly dangerous Post-9/11 age. The shambling mess I wrote that month became the kernel of a long, sprawling divagation that has preoccupied me now and again ever since.

I participated most years between 2001 and 2009, winning in 2005. The Teens have been much more sporadic. According to my records, I attempted it only in 1013, ’17, and ’18. I’m not sure I’ll do it this year. If I do, it will probably be a half-nano, aiming only for 24k, just for kicks.


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