2020-10-17 08:02

A long time ago, for several years, I maintained a poetry blog under a pseudonym. As I’ve said elsewhere, I chose to blog pseudonymously partly because I’m an introvert, but mostly because I originally intended the whole blogging thing to be a lark: a pseudonym allowed me take it exactly as seriously as it deserved — namely, not at all.

The blog was a workbook for random scraps from my notebooks, experiments in cut-up techniques, and so forth. I’ve long since taken the blog down, but some curious and not entirely terrible pieces appeared there, and I’ve decided to republish them here. I’m taking the opportunity to lightly edit some of them, but mostly they’re unretouched.

Four are already up, and I will continue to post them every few days until I’ve run out, which at that rate will probably happen late next spring.

They are all tagged with “poem,” and some also are tagged as “cutup” or “hay(na)ku,” a form I find deeply appealing, and which was invented by Eileen Tabios in 2003. (More on the history of the hay(na)ku here.)

Many are also tagged “persona,” to signify that they were written as I was exploring esthetic and stylistic choices that I felt at the time to be foreign to my own habitual preferences. This, in fact, was one of the core attractions of blogging for me: to give me the freedom to explore concerns and approaches that were ordinarily marginalized or even submerged, to let me play. More on this at a later date.

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