2019-06-03 10:00

Another batch of short impressions of some of the books I’ve finished this year. (Previously)

Nicola Stӑnescu (Cotter, trns), Wheel with a Single Spoke (Archipelago, 2012)

He bears a strong resemblance to early Residencia-era Neruda — that wild, defiant surrealism, almost violently playful. (Pairs well with Andrei Codrescu, of course, who sees Stӑnescu as a profoundly important influence.)

Basho (Corman, trns), Backroads to Far Towns (White Pine, 2004)

Cid Corman perfectly captures the diaristic tone of Basho’s haibun. Informal dispatches from a roadtrip. I’ve read many translations of this work, but this was the first one that made me wish Wim Wenders would make a movie version of it.

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