2019-03-02 16:12

For many years — since the early 90s — I have been slowly reading through Jung’s works related to alchemy: Psychology & Alchemy, Alchemical Studies, and Mysterium Coniunctionis, and also Aion.

The bulk of my reading has happened in the last ten or twelve years, with a final push in the last two years or so. Amid other digressions, distractions, and divagations, I found myself closing in, at last, on the last forty pages of Mysterium Coniunctionis. I finally finished it yesterday.

This spring and summer, as a way of thinking out loud about Jung’s thesis (that alchemists were dreaming awake and therefore unknowingly describing the contents of their own inner psychological landscape, and exploring the archetype of the self), I plan to go back and walk through all four books, reviewing the passages I’ve marked, and then post selected passages with my annotations here.

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