2021-01-17 06:07

Hitchhiking on Hennepin

A heavy plane with Northwest’s red
tail drops toward the airport, grinding
over the lakes. Remaindered Rexroth
for sale at Magers & Quinn and Corso dead

in Bloomington. And here he comes
walking south facing north, thumb
up and out. Bags ponderous
against his hip. Nighthawks overhead,

frantic, their wings daggered and flitting.
I could insinuate the scene’s essential
seasonality but I don’t have that kind
of time. It is 5:30pm on May 3rd.


2021-01-10 11:12


You cannot
believe, you
can only
surmise, by
surprise you
can guess
the correct
answer. The
question eludes
me, so
I forget
to ask.
That’s always
the question.


poem persona
2021-01-06 04:06

San Francisco Note 11

(August 2002)

2 (revised)

the fear is my fear
is that I’m living wrong

the wrong friends or no
friends staying in when I

should be out prowling for
the satori of San Francisco

or Minneapolis or Charlottesville ordering
in when I should be

making reservations living someone else’s
life or mine as seen

from some judgmental fool’s point
of view but I am

not a wrong cloud or
a mistaken leaf I am

not a flawed fiction coaxed
from someone’s discarded notebook so

I go on and form
my letters as I choose

and drink this borrowed wine
no one is friendless who

stays free in strange cities
and poetry is always free

2020-12-31 05:06

All that’s left.

  1. Williams, p 224.
  2. One may defend such a portrait by saying that it condemns the act implicitly, in the very portrayal. But that’s moralizing, posing a peculiar and weak form of propaganda.
  3. It is no longer a poem.
  4. Mair, p 3.
  5. Whether by choice or by compulsion.
  6. Chan, pp 60, 54.
  7. We know all about “moments” and we think we know a few good tricks on how to capture and extend them. But we don’t stop the car. We drive on.
  8. Cage, p 93.
  9. Longinus, p 301.


2020-12-24 17:05

Thomas Pynchon, V.

Christmas Eve, 1955, Benny Profane, wearing black levis, suede jacket, sneakers and big cowboy hat, happened to pass through Norfolk, Virginia.

commonplace pynchon
2020-12-21 08:01

wherever we have emerged
the nothingness of
material existence
only dimly

we must
we must
carry on


cutup poem persona
2020-12-07 05:12

be nameless,
to vanish, to

night. Newspapers
folded. Each nick

of time. Game
time nibbled

Into, rather than
out of:


cutup haynaku poem persona
2020-12-03 05:09

Did it

I am eager desperate first

A few weeks
A year
Pages story
Spoke loop

So every
Time there was also
A new memory


cutup poem persona
2020-11-28 06:02

Grave puzzles, nothing self-contained. The window suggests the pen. The wine glass implies the candle.


2020-11-24 08:43

Even though it would loose
the moon’s grip on the tides: events:
leaving series. A coin spun and set.
You, eventually. Begun,
had never understood,
had numbed: ever
shifting books and ledgers.
Open all books, everyone
knows perfectly: everything.


cutup poem persona